Reduce energy bills in three easy steps

Many museums are paying too much for their energy. This could be for a number of reasons:

  • They are not aware of charity exemptions from the Climate Change Levy
  • They are not aware that charities are eligible for a 5% VAT rate on fuel
  • They have multiple energy contracts which are difficult to manage
  • They are buying on their own and are too small to get a good deal
  • There’s no time to search for better deals

The good news is you can reduce your energy bills in 3 simple steps by joining the AIM Energy Action Group:

  1. Visit the website to download and sign a letter granting permission for the group to obtain quotes for you
  2. Send photocopies of your bills to the AIM Energy Action Group
  3. Get comparative, no-obligation quotes

Then sit back and think about how to spend the money saved! On average, this is between 10-15%. Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, one of our Green Museums, joined the group and you can read about their experience here

To find out more call the AIM Energy Action Group helpline on 029 2025 9560 or visit


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