Walk to Work Week, 12-16 May 2014


Discover where walking can take you this Walk to Work Week, 12-16 May.

The annual free workplace walking challenge is a fun way to get some healthy competition going between you and your colleagues, and get you feeling all the benefits of walking more as part of the working day.

In May 2013 workplaces around the UK logged over 80,000 miles for Walk to Work Week. This year you can:

  • Log your walks to see how they all add up to burn calories and save CO2.
  • View live workplace and team totals and leaderboards to spur you on.
  • Count all your walking, whether it’s to work, at lunch or for a meeting.
  • Get competitive with your colleagues and take part in individual and team activities.

Walking to work has lots more benefits:

  • Walking is the perfect time to zone out, de-stress and rid yourself of all the negative thoughts.
  •  Power walking is a great way to stay healthy, you’ll boost your fitness and energy levels.
  • Walking is serious exercise! In just one mile you can burn off 100 calories. And did you know that each step uses an amazing 200 muscles?
  • You can save cash on fares and fuel costs too.

Find out more and download the free resources here.




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