Upcycling and going green at the 2014 AIM Conference

Association of Independent Museums 2014 Annual Conference

Upcycle your museum – Make the most of what you’ve got
19-21 June 2014 at the Black Country Living Museum, Dudley
Sponsored by Development Partners
Underpinning AIM’s 2014 Annual Conference is the spirit of independent museums that makes them good at making the most of what they’ve got. ‘Upcycle your museum’ will focus on a range of sub-themes which can provide economic and visitor-focused benefits based on independents’ rich collections. Continuing AIM’s recent focus on sustainability and resilience, the conference will highlight the economic benefits of going green with environmental improvements which save money and demonstrate good practice in running our diverse institutions.

As always, the conference provides a great opportunity to share your own experiences and test out ideas with other delegates. Sessions and workshops will cover: being entrepreneurial, fundraising, adapting to the new National Curriculum, recruiting volunteers and trustees, green initiatives, partnerships, and building a marketing strategy.

The event also includes the AIM drinks reception and annual dinner at the Black Country Living Museum, an evening at the museum with its famous fish and chips and fairground, and a visits day on the Saturday to museums in Birmingham.

The annual MDO (Museum Development Officer) Conference, again supported by AIM, will take place at the same venue on 18 June.  Watch out for programme and booking details in future AIM Bulletins and the AIM E-News, and on the website, http://www.aim-museums.co.uk/


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