Inspiration from over the pond: The Green Museums Accord

Since 2006, the California Association of Museums (CAM) has been taking leadership and creating dialogue around environmental sustainability through its Green Museums Initiative. The Green Museum Accord was one of its first activities and served as inspiration to American Alliance of Museums’ (AAM) professional network on environmental sustainability.

Now in 2013, CAM and AAM have teamed up to take the Green Museums Accord national and encourage even greater participation in the effort to make museums and communities “green”.

The Green Museums Accord consists of five action steps that could be adapted to form the basis of an environmental policy:
1. Commit. Publicly declare your institution’s commitment to environmental sustainability and stewardship by signing the Green Museum Accord.2. Evaluate. Make environmental sustainability part of the institutional thought process on every major decision and project. Measure current performance and establish baselines.

3. Implement. Make sustainable choices when selecting vendors, products, and processes. Reduce your museum’s ecological footprint using best practices, measurable strategies, benchmarks, and targets.

4. Educate. Involve visitors, volunteers, colleagues, board members, vendors, and other stakeholders in active learning and discussion around environmental sustainability and sustainable museum practices.

5. Share. Advance the understanding of environmental issues in the museum community and inspire others to action by contributing actively to the professional dialogue and knowledge base.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration from over the pond: The Green Museums Accord

  1. Hi,

    It appears that a link is not going to the correct website. Can it be removed? This is the link I am talking about:

    AAM’s PIC-Green Toolkit (website)


    • Hi,
      This website has not been maintained for about 2 years – the project is no longer funded , but we left it upthere in case some of he resources were of use to casual, mainly local (to us in UK) users. Thnaks for poiting out the broken link. We’ll change it

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