Inspiration – from a bottle!?

There are some easy wins in the war on waste…how many plastic bottles do you and your visitors use… and waste.

Here is an amazing building made from 1.5 million of them

POLLI-Bricks by miniWIZ!

EcoArk1 – Taipei

an EcoSchool project in birmingham

If that’s daunting… see these really domestic sized greenhouses made by schools … and really easy instructions , courtesy of REAP in Scotland

…and if you really want to be inspired here is a magnificent project from Growing Gardens Project at Deen

Deen City Farm, London

City Farm, London to turn 7000 plastic bottles into a roof…. and 60 old ‘for sale’ sign posts, 350 metres of plastic water piping, 5 s of old building site hoarding, 2 old scaffold planks and the sweat of over 180 volunteers…

It not only looks wonderful it also got the community involved too. Visit their site to see how they made it into an ‘event and a half’ .

Look amazingly like an 18th century ice house…. what a wonderful idea for a visitor welcome or shelter. Visit their site for some very clear ideas of how they made it happen. Deen City Farm

I’m looking forward to seeing one of these on a museum site VERY soon… who’s going to be first!?

here are the instructions for the greenhouse. and you can download them here Plastic_Bottle_Greenhouse_Instructions_2004


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