Case study: Energy outreach programme

The Energy Outreach programme is a partnership between the National Trust and Norfolk County Council that aims to reduce the carbon footprint of every Norfolk school through a series of lessons, which focus on behavioural change. lessons introduce pupils to the concept of renewable and non-renewable energy through the Energy Busters (aimed at primary schools) and eFutures (targeted at secondary schools) programmes. The primary school programme is delivered over half a term whereas high school students are involved for a longer period of time.

Pupils carry out a survey, prepare an assembly then organise and monitor a week of energy saving actions.  The National Trust provides the educational expertise and, of course, that all-important know-how in looking after buildings.

Does it work?

The programme is currently in its third year and so far results have shown that schools are able to reduce their electricity consumption by an average of 19% during their energy saving week. Beyond that sustained energy savings are being achieved and the project has found that the eFutures programme pays for itself within six months.

To find out more about behavioural change join us at the next Green Knowledge Cafe on 19th September at Coventry Transport Museum.


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