How many lightbulbs does it take to…

lightbulb-Vintage-Image-GraphicsFairy…save £1000?

We know it seems a ‘good thing’ to change to LEDs  and low wattage lighting… but how much is enough?

We have created two easy-to-use savings calculators 1/ changing the numbers of bulbs and 2/ whether or not motion sensors will actually save you money . We hope these will help you make sensible business decisions about investing in change.

Our independent lighting consultant Harry Smith has worked with both Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon and with  Rugby Museum and Art Gallery. They have all shared their information with us so we have been able to make a couple of case studies to show you at the Green Museums Knowledge Cafe on 19th Sept

We are lucky to have a sparklingly good economics intern (Antonia) from the University of Warwick Green Steps programme, she has been combining and processing all kinds of figures to show how both these sites have, and could, save tens of thousands  of pounds!!

Book your place on the Green Museum Knowledge Cafe 19th Sept. at  Coventry Transport Museum to find out how you can do this too..


UPDATE: The Do-It-Yourself Calculators are now available to download here.


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