First steps for Green Champions

Your museum wants to be greener and you have a list of changes you would like to make, but where do you begin?

At the second of our Green Knowledge Cafes on Thursday 19th September at Coventry Transport Museum sustainanability communications specialists M4C will present the steps we need to take to make positive changes for a greener future.

M4C will share case studies, ideas, techniques and tools to explore what a green champion is and what you can be doing to support behavioural change. How do you raise awareness of your ideas? How can you get staff and volunteers involved? How do you make lasting changes? Join us to ask these questions and many others.

Whether you are seeking solutions to motivate your colleagues or want to share an idea that has worked really well for you this session is ideal for all budding green champions.

The Knowledge Cafe is an open meeting and training session organised by the Marches Network West Midlands Museum Development Officers.  The cafe is a mix of training, knowledge sharing, access to information and meeting new partners. All museum staff and volunteers are welcome. To book your free place visit


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