Funding for museums to generate energy on site

The EDF Energy Green Fund has been in existence since 2001 and was set up to provide a source of funding for non-profit organisations who wish to install small scale, environmentally friendly generation on their sites.

Museums can apply to EDF for up to £30,000 excluding VAT for any one scheme. EDF normally expect all applicants to have 50% match funding, not including ‘in-kind’ support.

From its inception to end 2012, the Green Fund had awarded funding to more than 275 projects worth over £5.2 million. The Green Fund gains its income through contributions made by customers on EDF Energy’s Green Tariff, who pay a small premium on their energy bills, which is then matched equally by EDF Energy.

What will they fund?
The EDF Energy Green Fund exists to help develop micro-generation technology. It will provide funding for any generation technology which produces heat, electricity or other power. You can also apply for up to 20% of your award to be put towards the education aspects of your project, although this must be itemised and justified.

Energy efficiency measures are not funded through Green Fund awards. However, all sites that are funded are expected to have considered looking at energy reductions, through either physical measures or behavioural change, before EDF will consider funding a generation technology.

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