10 statistics to motivate your workforce: Part 1

Northfield Ecocentre’s sustainability assessments revealed that lighting, insulation and heating were common priorities for many museums in the Reducing Bills cohort. But what impact do they have? Here are some impressive statistics to help you convince your workforce and funders that every change you make will have an impact on your carbon footprint, and your bills!

Perhaps pick one to two areas to focus on and see how much energy you can save. Don’t forget to report back to your workforce on the impact of their actions. Use your success to motivate further change and build your awareness campaign.

 1.       Lights out

Lights account for 30 to 50% of a building’s energy use. Simply turning off unneeded lights can reduce this amount of energy up to 45%. Consider installing occupancy sensors (devices that trigger lights when a person enters the room).

 2.       Insulate your building

Installing insulation is one of the best ways to reduce your heating bills and carbon-dioxide emissions. Cut your heating bills by up to 1/3 by insulating your roof space to a depth of 270mm. If you can then fill your walls with cavity insulation you can achieve energy savings of 20%.

 3.       Insulate your pipes and boiler

Hot water will stay hot longer if you properly insulate your boiler tanks and pipes. Fitting tanks with a jacket 75 millimetres thick can cut heat loss by up to 75%.

 4.       Draught proof

Cut your heating bill by ensuring that all exterior windows and doors have weather stripping to keep out cold air in the winter.

 5.       Central-heating controls

Controls ensure that your heating system is working at the bare minimum to keep your buildings at the right temperature. Set the thermostat so that the heating is activated only while the building is occupied. Make sure the thermostat is placed on an inner wall in an occupied area to ensure a more accurate temperature reading. Turning your thermostat down by one degree can lower your heating costs by 3%. Turning it down five more degrees for 4 hours a day can reduce your heating bills by almost 6%.

 (Source: Carbon Trust, Employee Engagement Guide: What you can do)

 Keep an eye on the blog for the final 5 tips to follow…


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