Green Knowledge Cafe #1

mint9 of our museums together produce 1,121 tonnes of CO2 and pay energy bills of £297,486.49… every year! …

Surely this is a Sustainability Fail!  Financially and environmentally.

Now we have done all 13 assessments for the green museums programme we are starting to work together to start reducing these frightening figures.

First on the list is likely to be getting the right energy supplier, seeing how much we can save by investing in better lighting, working with our staff to make sure we consume – and waste – substantially less.

Just a start … but a good one

Interested to find out how you can do it too? You can join in too, and some of the deals and contacts we’ve made can be available to you too…

Museums and cultural organisations are welcome to our Green Knowledge Cafes – the first one is Tuesday 14th-its free (so’d lunch) but the limited places are subject to booking …

Eventbrite - Green  Knowledge Cafe #1 

smarter-working eu-smareter-working


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