Greening Museum #9 – House on Crutches

Spring was in the air on Tuesday, and it was a perfect day to make a visit to the member of our cohort furthest from Warwickshire, House on Crutches. If like me you are curious as to what crutches a house might need, here is a picture of them.

House on Crutches
The house was restored in the late 1980s with investment from English Heritage after it was at risk of demolition, and some time after that this lovely museum was created. It was very interesting for me, someone who had never been to Shropshire, to see stories from its past – including a great one about an out-of-control cheese that rolled away down a street.

We went there expecting to meet one volunteer and instead met the whole team, which really made the visit special for us. As I have mentioned in previous posts, we have found over the course of the project and previous green museum enterprises that getting the whole team on board with energy-saving changes is crucial to making sure the project doesn’t lose steam.
House on Crutches is of course a listed building, and any changes we propose to them will take that into account; in fact, even from the beginning of our visit we were starting to think about ways to protect it from the elements. Given that winter has since come back with a big of a vengeance, we look forward to doing this.
For those of you who have been reading these posts and feeling increasingly curious about how we actually will make heritage buildings eco-friendly, there are several interesting links on the subject on the ‘Resources’ page.


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