Greening Museum #8 – Bridgnorth’s Northgate Museum

Last Friday, the 15th of February, Stuart and I visited Bridgnorth’s Northgate Museum in Bridgnorth, Shropshire. It is a small museum with over four thousand items in its collection from various epochs of history, and like several others of our cohort it is entirely run by volunteers from the Bridgnorth and District Historical Society. The museum is located in the historic Burgess’s office in the last original city gate. The oldest parts of it date back to the 12th century.

northgate museum before northgate museum after

Shropshire was a long way for us to travel, but we were very happy to be in Bridgnorth. We had our initial discussion in a wonderful local restaurant before heading to the museum itself. Barry, the curator, was very helpful during our assessment and took the time to tell us in depth about the history of the museum and what it offers to visitors today.

As we noticed in Marton Museum of Country Bygones, small and local museums require a particular approach to the green audit, because some aspects of it seem too little to measure. For example, the museum only has one toilet which is for staff use only, so we had to wonder whether monitoring water use would be a productive move. One of the reasons we are doing the project is not only to show museums what they can do but for us to learn more about the process of helping them, and we look forward to beginning that process with Bridgnorth’s Northgate Museum.


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