Greening Museum #7 – Chedham’s Yard

Chedham’s Yard was our next stop on Thursday the 14th of February. It is a little smaller than Shakespeare’s Birthplace, but it gained some national recognition in 2006 when they won the million-pound BBC Restoration Village competition. The hard-working team of volunteers have since built Chedham’s Yard into what it is today.


The recent bad weather has been tough on Chedham’s Yard, which is mainly an outdoor museum. But this did not stop them from making an excellent impression on us all. It was an interesting experience to go from the childhood home of a world-famous individual like Shakespeare to a small project in Wellesbourne which represents to visitors a past our own recent ancestors would have known. The volunteers at Chedham’s Yard have a lot to be proud of – their green accomplishments are already extensive! They have a wood-burner, solar panels, and a composting toilet, and they are spreading their enthusiasm for all things green to their visitors with a Visitor Charter and displayed Environmental Policy. I imagine it was a pleasant surprise for Stuart, our green assessor.

Chedham’s Yard are in contact with the Green Business Tourism Scheme, who are also helping them on the road to a small carbon footprint. 


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