Greening Museum #5 – Rugby Art Gallery and Museum

Yesterday we visited our fifth Greening Museum (the fourth was Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum, which I personally did not visit), Rugby Art Gallery and Museum.


The collections at Rugby are varied and fascinating. They have a great number of artefacts from the Roman city Tripontium, which was located just five miles from modern Rugby. It also celebrates the town’s more recent history and accomplishments. I’m not so into sports, so it’s unusual for me to say I went to Rugby and had a great time, but I certainly did here.

We were earlier than we expected, as it turned out that the museum was much closer to the station than Google Maps would have me believe! However, the staff welcomed us warmly. They were also kind to let us probe them for a long time about their energy-saving and green activities. They have assured us that there is a lot of enthusiasm at Rugby for reducing bills, and that even though they don’t have a Green Champion now, they will have no difficulty finding one. This is the kind of thng we love hearing while we’re still in the early stages of planning.

Like Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery, Rugby Art Gallery and Museum is council-owned, and it houses the library and the visitor centre as well. Though the latter places are not part of the programme’s area, it is very important to our project that it won’t be just the museums that benefit from energy saving, but other community spaces, and of course the people who use them. We hope that as we focus on reducing bills and creating a comfortable green environment in Rugby, the people who visit will find yet another thing to love about it.  



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