Greening Museum #2 – Marton Museum of Country Bygones

Tuesday the 29th of January was a busy and unique day, as we assessed two very different sites; Marton Museum of Country Bygones and Compton Verney.

Marton is a small village north-east of Leamington Spa, and the story of the Museum of Country Bygones is a fascinating one. The Museum was created in 1982 by George Timms, who, over the course of his life, collected hundreds of artefacts many of which were sourced in Marton itself. The collection ranges from ancient Egyptian votive to a beautifully intact model ship.


The museum is supported by the Marton Parish Council and is entirely run by volunteers. They have been very eager to make their small building as green as it can be, and have had many ideas well ahead of joining our project. We got there from Leamington Spa slightly ahead of our schedule, but they were very happy to greet us, despite barriers of cold and colds!

The collection is very important to the community in Marton, and so all of our considerations about green energy also kept the quality of the objects and the comfort of the visitors in mind. In contrast to many of our sites, which are looking to reduce their heating, Marton are looking to increase, as the building currently has no heating. A big part of the challenge for the next two years will be figuring out the right way to preserve these precious old items with the help of new, clean energy technology – and avoid spending too much on bills.


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