Greening Museum #1 – Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery

Thursday was a big day for the ‘Reducing Bills’ Programme. Together with Stuart Bowles, a green specialist from the Northfield Eco-Centre in Birmingham, we did our first sustainability assessment at Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery.

2013-01-24 14.22.42

Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery is owned and managed by the Nuneaton and Bedworth County Council. The building dates back to 1913. It has a varied collection of painting and artefacts, including an exhibition on Nuneaton’s native daughter, George Eliot.

Despite the delays at Birmingham New Street and ice along the paths, we made it and were warmly welcomed by the manager, Catherine. Over the course of a few hours we got a thorough look at a day in the life of the museum through a green lens. The outside electricity meter had to be unearthed from a layer of snow, but Catherine and Stuart didn’t let this stop them getting a reading. I also got to learn a bit more about Gurkhas while examining the sunlight on a uniform and helmet.

As yet we do not have any thermal images from the visit to show here, but if you are curious about what it looks like, here’s an example from the Spring Greens event in April last year.

In such a cold winter as this one a live demonstration of heat loss is a valuable addition to the other sustainability checks. At this early stage we are already finding ways for Nuneaton to go for a greener future, and we look forward to working with them.


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